Whistle & I’ll Come To You: Thaeter

Fandom: Whistle & I’ll Come To You
Track: Thaeter
Artist: Marilyn Manson
Character(s): Professor Parkins
Spoilers: Yea
Link: Sendspace
Duration: 1.13

I love Michael Hordern chiefly because I associate his voice forever & ever with Paddington Bear, but the more I watch him the more indefatigable my fanship becomes.

From Whistle & I’ll Come To You I have picked up the (bad?) habit of pronouncing phenomenon as phenomenonnn!.

TRAILER: Prometheus

I was vaguely aware that there was some film called Prometheus coming out some time in the future, but I hadn’t paid any attention until I found out that Kate Dickie & Sean Harris were in the cast. And Benedict Wong. And Idris Elba. And Emun Elliot. And really, I’ve naught against Noomi Rapace or Charlize Theron either, though they be Famous Hollywood Act-ors and I’m predisposed towards the Heyday and as a result don’t see a lot of Highly Anticipated Films (I just started watching Yes Minister, actually).

In fact, I had even thought it was going to be about, well, Prometheus. (A little part of me is still going, ‘No Titans?’) But I started reading Greek myths in my mother’s old World Of Wonder magazines when I was six or seven or so; such foolish assumptions are my fate.

Seeing as it’s an Alien prequel, I have to worry about the possibility that watching Prometheus will entail watching a bunch of my favourite thesps die horribly. Still, I sometimes like Ridley Scott. And there are such a LOT of my favourite thesps. I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a teddy bear into the cinema?

Incidentally, I could not help but read the trailer text as:





I have excellent instincts.

TRAILER: The Awakening

I would actually quite like to see this, because Nicolas Amer.

The rest of the cast is also quite beloved by this Thesp Geek (so called by acquaintances). But if I find myself queuing up to see The Awakening, it will be for Nicolas Amer. He may not have a large part, I know, but as long as he gets more than two minutes of screentime, I will consider it a Good Day To Be Me.

(I’ll grumble & cry if Edgar Hirstwit dies. I will.)

You know I once found Nicolas Amer’s address online and on a whim I made a scarf & posted it off. Presumably he’d moved away, because it was returned to me. Maybe I should see if I could send it c/o his agent . . . Oh I know it may be a funny whim, but it seemed such a nice one I’ve never liked to overthink it.

Must also find Waiting For Gorgo.

that veil is not helping me to positively identify one edgar hirstwit

Band Of Brothers: The Proposition #1

Fandom: Band Of Brothers
Track: The Proposition #1
Artist: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Character(s): Ensemble/none
Spoilers: Possible mild spoilers
Link: Sendspace
Duration: 3.25

It’s been a long, long while since I posted a vid, and oh I had not forgotten about all my works in progress, but the world wends on and life was a-busying; try ruling the world sometime, as Humperdinck said.

This is for Edie, really, because she wanted more, and because she introduced me to some fantabulous new musics (even if I ended up not using them). <3  As Kausary once said to me, ‘This one is for you, for you!’

TRAILER: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I have, on the whole, very unfriendly feelings towards remakes. My feelings towards the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are not warm & fuzzy therefore, but they’re not too antagonistic because I haven’t seen the original (because I live under a rock, probably) and because I haven’t read the series (because I’m still hooked on the modernists and . . . other stuff).

And also because it has Donald Sumpter in.

So that’s the possibly-bootlegged-possibly-leaked trailer. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say leaked but really I don’t care about such trivial matters. DONALD SUMPTER.

ETA. The old link, it broke. Updated now to the shiny official trailer.

Band Of Brothers: Decades

Fandom: Band Of Brothers
Track: Decades
Artist: Joy Division
Character(s): Ensemble
Spoilers: Just angst & explosions, I think. Nothing too specific.
Link: Sendspace
Duration: 6.10

I’m quite unused to making vids about real people, even with Act-ors in the way (bless you, Act-ors, thank you). Time for me to go back to the land of picnicking teddies, I think.

(Saying that means that I will probably form an unreasonable addiction to making Band Of Brothers vids. There, now I’ve covered myself for all eventualities.)